Our facilities

Maximum comfort for your aircraft fleet

Located in ILD international airport

Our facilities are located in an exclusive and restricted area, with 24-hour surveillance. We are located at the Lleida Alguaire International Airport, certified by AESA, guaranteeing the highest security standards.

We stand out for our operational flexibility, offering slot availability, airspace on demand and versatility in the use of the runway and apron, all designed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

As an airport actively committed to promoting aeronautical industrial activity, we consolidate our position as a unique destination in the industry.

At AERONPARK our priority is your comfort and efficiency.

Exclusive facilities, restricted and under surveillance 24 hours a day


90,000 m2 of space for parking, storage and categorization of aircraft parts.


Offices in airport terminal and control tower.


Controlled and restricted access to facilities.


Specially designated areas for dismantling and cleaning, in compliance with environmental regulations.


Growth areas for hangars and storage in the middle of the construction process.

Live cameras

The airport provides a complete perimeter security system, incorporating surveillance cameras and a highly qualified security team, available 24 hours a day. Ensuring maximum protection of all aircraft housed in our facilities.

We keep growing

We have available more than 180 hectares of land for future expansion, as well as hangar and storage areas.