Your aircraft parking base in southern Europe

Welcome to AERONPARK.
Your trusted destination.

AERONPARK, founded in 2012, is a solid private company in full growth. We operate exclusively at the Lleida Alguaire International Airport, in Spain.

Our strategic location in Southern Europe makes us an ideal center for parking and storing aircraft, benefiting from an optimal wheather conditions. With excellent connections and proximity to key cities, such as Barcelona, Zaragoza, Madrid and Toulouse, simplifying logistical operations for an efficient transport.

Security is our priority, with facilities monitored 24 hours a day. At AERONPARK, we adapt by offering personalized solutions quickly and professionally.

Our commitment is based on excellence, integrity, professionality and quality. We assist our clients in all stages of life of their aircraft that they choose to share with us.

The principles that support our company are based on four essential pillars


At AERONPARK, our main commitment is to comply with the most rigorous quality standards in all the services we provide.


We have the necessary human resources to provide services with the highest level of technological demand.


We work in accordance with the strictest safety regulations to minimize risks for both our staff and our clients.


In our relationships with the team and customers, we are guided by the fundamental principles of sincerity and honesty.