Provide an ideal solution to keep aircraft asset value at its peak, providing parking, preservation, and other value-added services with the highest quality at the best economic conditions of the market.



Ideal for short time periods. We maintain your aircraft with our 145-maintenance organization in accordance with your maintenance program. Your aircraft ready to fly in minutes.
Ideal for seasonal parking where you can have space to park all your fleet while performing activities such as Flight Crew Training, Maintenance Training, indoor or exterior painting refreshments.
Aircrafts looking for new skies to fly can be shown to potential customers.
Lerida is a low-cost environment, extremely well communicated with favorable weather conditions.


Ideal to park aircraft for longer periods of time. Our MRO will provide all preservation tasks to keep the airworthiness of your aircraft, performing all required tasks as per the Approved Data. Complying with the most stringent regulations in the industry, multiple country certifications (EASA, FAA, Bermuda, and others), and the Environmental laws. Your assets will maintain its value and will be ready to fly upon short notice.


After a successful operational life, maximizing the value of the asset is our business. We have the expertise and all the necessary tools and facilities to disassemble the valuable parts of the aircraft, tagging, certifying, cleaning, packing ready to ship in accordance with the most stringent regulations and industry practices. After that, the aircraft will be fully recycled in accordance with the European laws of environmental protection.


The process to change the operator of an aircraft is always complex. We have an ideal place to maintain the airworthiness of the aircraft during this process and to perform the maintenance tasks required to comply with all the requirements to successfully complete this transition with our 145 Organization. We have the capacity to perform up to C checks, including interior mods and S.B. implementation, physical and document inspections, support to the operation to carry out test flights. We have the ideal airport for these events, where everything is close, easy and there is no congestion.


We have the ability to perform 145 maintenance tasks for a large number of models, including interior modification, Service Bulletin Implementation, Avionics modifications, Engine, APU, and Landing Gear changes. Limited to C check.


The main commitment of AERONPARK is to rigorously comply with the most demanding quality standards in the services that we offer.

We have the necessary human resources to offer services of high level of technological demand.

We work under the strictest safety standards, reducing the risks of our staff and our customers.

Sincerity and honesty are the fundamental pillars in our relationship with our staff and our clients